B2Broker Review

B2Broker Review - Overall Summary

B2Broker is a liquidity and technology provider for forex, crypto, and CFDs. The company offers a wide range of solutions for businesses that want to expand their financial services. B2Broker has brokerage solutions for forex, CFD, and crypto businesses. It is located in Russia and was founded in 2014.

B2Broker Review - Transparency

B2B is a regulated broker. It is regulated by multiple regulatory bodies including FCA, CySec and FSC.

B2Broker Review - Account Types

B2Broker deals with corporate and institutional clients only. Their accounts are set up as per the needs of the client.

B2Broker Review - Solutions Provided

Forex Broker

With the help of B2Broker, you can launch a complete white-label forex broker with full-fledged services. The white label is based on MT4/MT5. It allows you to create a tiered client account like basic, pro, etc., back office, payment gateways, including crypto payment gateways.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

You are able to open a full-service exchange to trade crypto physically. B2Broker provides a full tech package to their clients, which saves them time and money. Such packages include IT, marketing, financial, legal, operations, and management solutions. It includes everything necessary, like web wallets, minting new tokens, incentives to get exchange clients using new tokens, etc.

Cryptocurrency Broker

You can launch a white-label MT4/MT5 brokerage for crypto trading, or you can use other platforms that suit your product.

B2Broker Review - Money Management

PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module)

In PAMM, client funds are pooled together for the purpose of trading. Earnings are thus divided among the group based on their percentage of the original trade they place. Followers are not allowed to close their trades early.

MAM (Multi-Account Manager)

It allows managers and expert traders to manage accounts for clients.

Copy Trading

In copy trading, followers can copy the trades of the expert trader, and trades can be closed at any time. Clients can also trade on their own.

B2Broker Review - Platforms Supported

B2Trader (Crypto Spot Exchange)

In B2Trader, a Matching Engine is a basis which matches up bids and offers to execute trades. Its algorithm keeps a record of all open market orders and generates new trades if the two orders can be fulfilled by each other.

cTrader White Label

With its modern user interface and extended trading flow management, cTrader is considered one of the most advanced trading platforms available today. It is one of the most advanced trading platforms that feature modern UI and extended trading flow management solutions. With the help of white label cTrader, you can quickly and easily establish yourself as a forex broker, crypto broker, or multi-asset broker. White label cTrader comes with all the features you are looking for.

MetaTrader 4 White Label

White Label MT4 is a ready-to-use solution which allows you to launch a forex broker or multi-asset broker quickly and easily.

MetaTrader 5 White Label

White Label MT5 is a popular infrastructure that is used by many brokerages worldwide. It enables brokerages to launch quickly and easily while incorporating a number of options like branding, creating a highly customized environment, etc.

B2Broker Review - Customer Support

B2Broker provides 24/7 support via a variety of methods, including email, phone, chat, and Skype. It supports seven languages.

B2Broker Review - Software Solutions/Services

Ticker Widget

Maintaining and configuring MT4/MT5 is a complex process and requires an expert DevOps team. But with B2Broker, you will be able to scale your business with the help of their experts. It is a marketing tool with a number of instruments available, which you can adjust according to your needs. It is compatible with MetaTrader, B2Trader, DXtrade, B2Margin and any other trading platform.

B2Broker Review - Deposits and Payment Gateway

B2Brokers allows clients to add a crypto gateway to their business with ease. It supports several cryptocurrencies. Merchants can accept and be paid in fiat too. The processing fee is 0.5% and supports 6 stablecoins, and 888 coins and tokens.

B2Broker Review - Traders Room/Back Office

B2Broker allows clients to manage their customers, admins, and affiliates in one place. It is a fully branded, customizable interface for forex, crypto, and CFD brokerages. Leverage can be adjusted, multiple currencies can be accepted and exchanged, and internal fund transfers can be initiated and received.

B2Broker Review - Conclusion

If you are a business and want a quick and easy solution to brokerage needs without paying thousands of dollars for different services, B2Broker is the right choice for you. It supports MT4/MT5 and cTrader, along with other platforms, which is a plus.

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