Forex News for 23 Feb 2023

February 23, 2023
US GDP data
  • The recently released FOMC meeting minutes reveal the members’ efforts to strike a balance between preventing an economic recession and maintaining interest rates high enough to bring inflation down to the Fed’s 2% target.
  • According to the dot plot, the FOMC aims to reach a terminal rate of 5.6% in 2023. Members acknowledged that inflation had slightly eased in the past three months, but more progress is necessary to meet their objectives.
  • The global stock markets experienced a decline, with the S&P 500 Index closing below the crucial 4000 level, while the NASDAQ 100 Index closed higher. However, there are indications of a slight recovery in equities.
  • Two weeks ago, the S&P 500 Index made a golden cross, which is generally considered a strong long-term buy signal. Despite this, the price has since fallen.
  • The 2-year US treasury yield remains near its historical high.
  • Among the major currencies, the New Zealand Dollar is currently the strongest, while the US Dollar is the weakest. Nevertheless, this is a short-term trend, and the US Dollar has been generally strong in recent weeks.
  • Some commodities, such as Sugar and Cocoa, continue to perform well, with prices rising after significant bullish breakouts. In contrast, the price of WTI Crude Oil is exhibiting a strong bearish momentum as it trades lower.
  • Preliminary US GDP data will be released later today.
  • Analysts were not surprised by the FOMC minutes’ content, as they largely confirm previous expectations.
  • The current global economic situation remains uncertain, with different sectors and markets exhibiting mixed performance.


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