Forex Trading Books

On this page you can find a list of best forex trading books with a short description.

Forex books for beginers
A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online
Release date: 2007Pages: 317Rating: 4.5/5
Great read, and very informative. This is a must-have for the wanna-be or "thinkin' about it" Day Trader or any kind of trader. The principles covered span all types of trading. The author is clear, concise and to-the-point. Well worth the money, it is a good book to learn trading online, useful tips, reading level is understandable.
Day Trading For Dummies
Release date: 2007Pages: 360 Rating: 5/5
Day Trading For Dummies explains the ins and outs of day trading both online and through a brokerage house and helps you determine if this quick-action, trading-for-income opportunity is right for you. You'll discover how day trading works, what the pitfalls are, and what some of the alternatives are for your portfolio and for your career. This simple, straightforward guide presents a step-by-step plan of action for getting started, giving you the tools and strategies you need
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Daytrading Like a Pro
Release date: 2005Pages: 352Rating: 3.5/5
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Daytrading Like a Pro includes all the information needed to successfully daytrade stocks in today's market. Written by a seasoned trader, it's fully updated with tips and new information about the latest technologies, the amazing opportunities in both American and international markets, and how to profit from them.