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In the following section you can find a detailed information about WestCapFX Forex broker. Afterwards company and trading information you will find customer reviews and at the end of the page you can also rate and review WestCapFX Forex broker.

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Forex broker name: WestCapFX
Forex broker rating: 3.3(4 votes)
Forex broker logo:
Company long name:
Founded: 2005
Regulation: OAR-G
Type: MM
Broker description:
The Company was established in Geneva (Switzerland) in Febrary 1990 as an investment advisor and financial markets analyst. Over the years the Company gained experience in market analysis as well as in managing funds for its own account and for various international clients. Since 1995 it has also become advisor to an offshore Fund incorporated in Bermuda. The Fund was set up as an umbrella fund, with various asset classes. The Board of Directors includes prominent personalities of the local financial community with extensive experience in Finance, Funds Management and Foreign Exchange. Most of them have been active in the financial sector for over 25 years.
WestCapFX Forex broker contact informations
Website:Visit WestCapFX website
Live chat:http://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/61401003/?cmd=file&file;=chatFrame&site;=61401003&byhref;=1&session;
Phone:+41 22 320 03 03
Fax +41 22 321 67 90
Address: 17, Bd des Philosophes CH 1205 Geneva
Country: Switzerland
WestCapFX Forex account details
Minimum deposit:US$ 5000
Leverage:200 : 1
Spreads on majors:2-3 pips
Minimum trade size:100000 units
Currenc pairs:65
Payment options: Bank wire, PayPal
Platform: Windows
Demo account: Open a demo account
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WestCapFX Forex broker reviews and ratings
Average rating:
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