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  • The 2011 Traders Top Choice
  • The Highest Bonuses - Up to $10,000
  • USA traders accepted
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Start trading with only $50
  • Forex, CFDs, Indices & Commodity Trading
Real Customer Feedback from eToro:
  • “I have been trading forex on etoro for about 2 months now and it is an amazing platform. This tool is meant for people who want to get into forex. I started with practice account and only after a long time started to trade with real money.”
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  • “Excellent broker, extremely happy with their service. Advanced platform.”
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  • …never had any problems with them”
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  • I have been trading forex for 2 years. I have been with etoro for about 6 months and traded live since I joined. I love their software and love the spreads!
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  • Good One. Easy to Understand & Trade for New Comers.
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  • I've been a trader with eToro already for 1 year and half and couldn't be more happy. eToro surely had some connection problems in the past but I liked the fact that they corrected that. About the customer service, I don't know if these people actually got to speak with them but they are very friendly as well as the account managers. eToro send its customers trading ideas and market news often and always brings up nice promotions as well. The platform is indeed easy, but eToro's team have proven since the connection problems to be innovative and ambitious. They've added 'pending orders', indexes, mini-lots, and recently they just have created openbook - a social networking website for traders that I must say it is 5* They have a web-based application which is soooo nice, where ever I go I can always keep track of my positions, I can even check it on my playstation 3. Its just awesome. I like etoro...
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  • I don't know what you're talking about, I've been trading with eToro for a long time now and it's excellent, the software, the execution, the service everything. sounds like someone can't handle a few losses.
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  • etoro is a very good platform. The executions are fast, stop losses work good. I personally made three withdrawals from etoro and it was fine. It takes 5 days to get your money if you sent the documents. But i had to send the documents only the first time I made the withdrawal. For the second and third withdrawals etoro support didn't ask me for the documents.
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  • It is a good and reliable broker. I trade for 3 months with eToro and everything is OK. Helpful and fast support, accurate order execution and smart account manager - that is all I need and got in eToro.
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Easy Forex

  • No need to download software - use it from the web
  • Easy to use interface
  • One of the oldest and most trusted Forex Brokers
  • Easy to use user-friendly interface
  • The Highest leverage in the industry!
Easy Forex
Real Customer Feedback from Easy Forex:
  • It is excellent. The problem they need to solve is the delay in entering or exiting a position. Too much slippage. You loose 4 or 5 pips (every time you enter or close a position) due to lagging executions. The slippage always goes contrary to the customer. The lagging favors always easy-forex.
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  • Best platform out there today! I am a frequent trader and these guys have been just great!!! No problem registering, no problem getting my money, no problem with customer service... competitive spreads. Nice features to offer. Quick, easy platform with nothing to download.
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  • I have been with 1 year with this broker found lot of opportunities to make money. Little wider spreads only for mini account holder (100-500 USD free money) Widely competitive spreads for Gold and VIP accounts. Simply i'm enjoying my trades with easy-forex. I like very much for their simple design and site implementations. Legally this broker is best fit for me co'z they don't charge any of my withdrawals, and speed deposit for my bank account or Credit Card. No such scamming activities. Finally Easy-forex is one of my best favorite broker. You can found this broker has highest alexa rank. So more people are with this broker and customer care is very very good.
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  • I've been using this platform for more than 6 months. So far there is no issue and it's easy to use. You can get the price that u want. However one bad thing about this platform is the spread that is too high..8 pips. But for my account there is no swap so I'm free of roll over interest for 1 week since I'm using islamic account. So my overall rating is 4 star. However, for is better for you to reduce your spread in order to gain more traders in your trading platform.
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  • I have been using Easy-Forex for some time, and I am extremely happy. I used to use other brothers but I had suffered losses due to slippage. I trade often after the news and with Easy-Forex they do not slip you. Their no slippage policy has saved me a lot of money!!! I also find their Web based platform very stable, and does not crash. They also have MT4 and I use their MT4 for back-testing, my trading system.
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  • free 25 euro NO deposit bonus to start trading!
  • Regulated by FSA and reliable broker
  • Helpful support all day long
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Special bonuses up to $10,000 on deposits
  • Swift deposit and withdrawal processing
  • Ability to trade CFDs, stocks, commodities and more
Real Customer Feedback from Plus500:
  • “Very big choise for indices, shares and funds. Can trade Gas and Platina..”
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  • "Plus500 is a reliable invesment company, I start to joint Plus500 on November 2010.It easy for me to deposit money for invest in forex n commodities. ”
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  • Friendly support and easy to use platform. Also loved their free bonus it allowed me to experience trading without risking my own money and after I managed to double it I deposited more to use their special bonuses
    from a Plus500 trader
  • I was burned by some other scam brokers and glad I found plus500, using them for 5 months now and so far all good!
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  • The Plus500 platform is very user friendly and easily accessible. They offer a wide range of trading opportunities: Forex, CD's, Stocks, Commodities. The fact that they are regular give it a lot of credibility and reliability, so I feel confident keeping my money there..
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  • Fits for all levels of traders from min to VIP
  • Over 50 currency pairs available
  • New Mobile Trading Platform
  • Plenty of Payment options from Paypal to Wire
  • Perfect for Novice Traders
Real Customer Feedback from Finexo:
  • Finexo is one of the leading names in the list of online forex brokers and this I can say from my own experience with Finexo and it is their friendly service that made me to stay connected with them for such a long time. The best service that I like most about Finexo is the user-friendly environment to learn trades with their excellent service of Forex demo, easy registration procedure and the different paypal methods to ensure easy transaction.
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  • Underlying features of Finexo give it a unique recognition in the big list of online brokers like wide range of payment modes, simple and easy registration, mobile trading is the feature that I like most because this helps me to transact my deals from any location whether I am busy in other tasks if I come to know that the trends are in favor of my trades then I just complete the deal through mobile trading facility.
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  • Best forex broker i have ever used, great support and easy to use
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  • Finexo is the greatest company to trade with it ! you feel that you are all one team , and one family . And it is the only company wich give you from all its heart to let you learn and be the best trader ! I Love finexo and all what it offers to customers
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Ava Fx

  • Daily institutional analysis and free webinars
  • 5 different auto trading systems
  • One of the biggest brokers around with over 2 million trades per day
  • Multi lingual 24/7 customer support through phone, email and chat
  • Plenty of non currency forex products available to trade
Ava Fx
Real Customer Feedback from Ava FX:
  • My account manager Ryan is very helpful and responds in a timely manner - he even gives me trading tips.
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  • I am still happy with Ava. Been there long time now. All my trades are good according to Eric, my Acc. Manager. The big problem seems to be "Arbitrage Trading" that is not allowed at most brokers as you can only gain pips "covertly". Language problems also occur. New traders not understanding MC or lot size etc.
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Forex Yard

  • Up to 100% bonus on Deposit
  • Free Practice Accounts with $100,000 Virtual Money
  • Based in Cyprus, EU regulated Broker
  • Trading in gold, silver, platinum, crude oil, stock indices and CFDs available
Forex Yard
Real Customer Feedback from ForexYard:
  • I have now earned sevral hundred dollars because of them. I will continue to invest my money with them, hoping to earn more.
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  • Good platform, support is online most of times. Phone is answered.
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